Focus on Service


Oy Hangö Stevedoring Ab is a port operator at Port of Hanko. The port is located at a unique geographic position at the furthest point of southern Finland, at the border between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland and at only a short distance by sea from the rest of Europe. Hanko is accessible via a short fairway or along a rush-free road.  Rail cargo arrive conveniently on tracks that reach all the way into the terminals. 

We serve our customers 24 hours a day every day of the week.  We have gained a strong proficiency during our 100 years in the business. The comprehensive service we provide our customers is flexible, fast and individual.  We provide custom made solutions for the whole supply chain and our aim is satisfied customers who see Stevedoring Hangö as a self-evident cargo handler. 

yhtiosta1.jpg Hangö Stevedoring offers its clients:
  • stevedoring, forwarding, ships clearance and transport.
  • more than 150 fully-trained and efficient professionals to handle the cargo
  • over 100 different stevedoring machines for handling different types of cargo
  • 50 000 square metres of modern terminal facilities and 350 000 square metres of open storage